Those eyes are unbelievable
Made the dance of my imagination beautiful
Their depths are all too cruel
They leave the nothingness inside of you
Your betrayal so inconceivable
When I thought this bond was so invincible
Those words are unbelievable
How could I have fallen back?
Your promises another weapon
Apologies only made to manipulate
A weak and anxious mind
To twist a heart and still reside in peace of mind
That kind of game is inconceivable
How cold you play so unbelievable
The strength you take without a second thought
The hearts you break because you haven’t listened in so long
To your own
The silence in which you made me partake
Through broken spirit barely breaking through
The answers you kept and refused to let me take
The life light I gave too much up of to you
Leaves me listening to the other side of night
Where the dawn never breaks and I’m caught being your fool
And still sometimes I pause and heartbeats stop although I’m strong
And I’m still paralyzed by you
And I can’t breathe and I disbelieve that anything but the darkest love can be true
Those eyes are unbelievable
For even in my imagination, they make me weak enough to crawl, and I long to crawl back to you
At least I ran once my soul was black and blue
And now I run towards a brighter sun which on the edge of night breaks through
And I pray I keep running from this love inconceivable for you
I pray that I am blind to those eyes unbelievable…

Carrie Gilbert 2009


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