No Contrast

We stayed awake until the breaking dawn
Watching quietly as our words turned to song
You took my breath and held it in the tide
Breaking through my voice, you let me inside

You took your fears and let them blind your sight
I gave up too much heart and too much might
Forgiveness is enough for this goodnight
I’ll leave you with a piece of the twilight

I will write my last phrasing around what you meant to me
And though I know you’ll never shine in contrasts of honesty
You’ll always be so beautiful inside my memory
And I’ll love a little better for all you broke in me

My eyes show no contrast
A faded sun just crawling back
Still there’s nothing more for my heart to lack
I found a little heart, refusing to go back
Just enough skylines to outline my past

Your emotions without contrast
Speak your words but take them back
You’re the ghost with no face
A heart that never keeps its pace

I wake from this dream…it shows no contrast


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