Watching an iridescent twilight
Spread over a semi subdued sky
Languid waves pull from my feet now
Soft grey clouds drift over why
Fireflies fade and fold
You remain; the rain bringing forth
These stars and unfold your freedom
A direction made from choice
Let your hands fall, if only to find your voice

Once you listen to your own tears
You recognize how your heart was mislead
You reunite with your true self, so hidden within
That corner of the sky passing the eye as you were wandering
To be held free and yet suspended in the arms of doubt
Running on the edge of change; the sharpness of breaking out
Sorrowful escape, the mountain fades to blue
Coldness, time stops only for you
You’re still listening

When light continues to move
It’s only the moon watching you
Turning in a black tunnel through
The fragments of false joy you once knew
Take your soul and carry this home
Further from the pain, and closer to the unknown
This moon reflects your freedom
Begs not another day of sorrow
You will find your voice

You’re still listening…


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