Silence or words
Which will break my heart the most?
I can’t fight with it
And I can’t fight
This pain almost equal parts joy
Only steady these steps
Whether they damage or destroy
And the lights come on
But they’re a constant flickering
This wavering warmth leaves me shivering
Unaware but alive and feeling
Ever scared though I’m only dreaming
Silence or words

Every day, here I linger
Wanting more for the ones so dear
To my heart like a desire
Desire dangerous, thoughts on fire
I hurt without the fall
Would I ache more to give in after all?
Let me breathe, let me crawl
To magnificent visions—only befall on sleep
Devour me with pleasure pulsing to the echo
Of a heart half whole
Leave me here to find my tears
Hold me up as I wait in fear
The waiting can be such a lovely quiet scream
For composing illusions into scenes
And I wait for the words
In this soul denying silence
This soul denying, uncompromising, patronizing, non-complying,
Unbreakable silence

Longing to love…

Given just enough…

Silence or words,
Which will break my heart the most?


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