Remember this
Only emotion
I give my patient devotion up to the rain
Silence and knowing are no longer the same
Remember this
Only a motion
Lost in a notion
And I won’t walk away
From the light still fading
The darkness waiting
This hope that’s changing
Please take me away

To a world
Too beautiful for my eyes
To a place
Where my words will let me hide
Forget us
And our never devotion
I’ll drown within; I’m a nameless ocean
Why should I pretend?
I wandered too far in blue rains again
I won’t reach the rainbows end
My sky is changing from a sleep surmounting life
I want this ache

Remember this
Only a fiction
When I gave a smile and you promised to stand
Up to the rain that might fall
Remember how
You were so broken down from it all
But I am ready
To lie down so steady
And dream until I burn
Dream beyond this unconcern
For the voice that’s dying
Don’t fool me with believing

For the clouds are always leaving…

These skies will cry again


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