Let Me In

Let me in and I’ll believe like I never have
The breeze is slow to find me but change resides beside
Me when I open up my plans and find that chance again
Will this be the last time it comes?
The final hour to let darkness know the light
Let me in and I promise not to be
A victim to the sweet disguise of fright
Oh I only want to love with the words I have become

Let me sit here beside you as I take this in
Spanning purple green horizon following
These peaceful thoughts, to calm your feelings
Arise from the clouds in my eyes and send
Your strength endlessly across that invisible sea
Let me be what I believe and you conceive
So very perfectly
Let me let you take that leap of faith

Let me in and I won’t walk rather than wait

Let me whisper to make sure this is real
I want to live outside of time where I can heal
Protect my armour from keeping out these waters
I only need a place where the songs echo
The secrets of the hearts that fate could never part
Let me lie my searching eyes down
Before yours lift me from the ground
Let me in and love what I am

Let me be alone and not be afraid
And melt into your voice as you call my name
I’ll never be the same as in those old memories
But when you let me in, you’ll change all I see
Let me steal a breath ‘til you come to me
And before the nights blink and receive
We will be, two souls…one serenity

Let me in so you’ll never leave
Let me in and I’ll believe…


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