She Has to Choose

Abandoned by her muse, this light grey
Earth green leaves hold their nerves exposed on trees
Strain beneath the sway singing unsteadily
She sighs with the winds
Like memories that won’t release
Weary from waiting apologies
Longing to surrender to the feelings
Into the absence of remorse

Love of her life
These skies hold the mystery
To why that life they had to lose
And if she could become a part of them…

Would she finally understand how to mend?
Brighter lights break through, she has to choose
In vision love is radiant, she feels safe again
A steady soulful promise in the comfort of those hands
She knows this, her secret repose of bliss
Her flowing heart exploring old truths and regrets in his eyes
Though with evening’s next phase, she must pretend she doesn’t wish
To reach that place where their arms embrace and she can tuck her dream

This city fades from her eyes to colors beyond disguise
And worlds are closing in around her
She puts away her fear, picks up her strength and tries
To let the answer exist and then surround her…


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