Shadows capture her moonlit smile
The in between; the long endless mile
Stays awake and alive in the silence
In her head with the sound to define this
Don’t forsake my soul ‘til I know her
Don’t swallow my pride ‘til I show it

Desiring drifting
These lights steady shifting
On she’ll drift ‘til the day she’s awake
Confusion disarms her, each choice that she makes

Another 2 a.m. conversation
Before she comes to life again
Her tears only glory once daylight has gone
It’s a quiet endeavour when sorrow is sung

Lost to this world
With the words she unfurled
And the pages are burning

The truth up in smoke
She forgets all they spoke
In a false dream

She cries for your absence
Won’t you please grant her this?
If only darkness would not exist,
But it does and she prays for her absence

Her words fade away
As the pages lie burning…


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