I am the midnight to your eyes
The traces left behind of miscommunications
You edge towards the turn, a shapeless bend
And wonder on the indistinguishable forms ahead
You could reach them and reveal yourself at this moment
If the contours of pace ceased to form your features
And the words that linger wouldn’t catch your every breath
They don’t know you anymore
But you still know them
This knowing gives an inch and takes several miles
The light flashes red in your mind, exposing them unprotected
You ache because the truth was lost to them
Then dare a smile, knowing others you encounter will posses it
And I am here with you now
Simply, you don’t recognize me
As a part of yourself
We are both watching the uprising
Beginning in fear, attempting bravery to gradually take its place
And the sunrise beyond lives in colors
Collections and reflections of who you already are
You need it to wait
While you dance with the midnight
Take your chance, for belief might…
I am the midnight to your eyes


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