The Giver Part Two

…You remain in your selfless form
A generous and gentle being
But this self is lost to you
Like a dream you couldn’t recall
And you were left with unmarked emotions
And answers meaning nothing without the questions
You wrote to her in soundless words
The ones your jaded eyes could never speak

And she found her love carried her
To a place she couldn’t go with you
There was a phrase or two
You left them unspoken in the end
And now you await the stricken starlight
You used to live beneath it
Now you hurt too long
In the sparkle of her eyes
Someday you’ll awaken
And know that even giving your whole heart
Sometimes makes you turn against your own fate
And she’s learned from you never to give more than she takes
He’s thirty and all he remembers
Is that he tried and he’d fight to be courageous
Before his eyes faded, their background bleak confusion

He’s found another sweet illusion to rest his troubles on
She brings him candy coated words with his morning coffee
And he eludes himself into thinking he’s no longer trapped
And his thoughts race on and they’re ten times the twenty
He told himself while he watched his four a.m. beauty sleep
He has finally become better than the rest
But the darkness still comes to steal him
Upon gazing out the window and forgetting to see
The truth of the world below
He misses those eyes…

And she is rediscovering her innocence
Lying to the world about being in love
Because love to her is unrequited
And he was never honest with himself
The giver gave the precious things away
And she finds comfort in another love
At least he can’t steal her innocence away

But she still remembers the giver
She still prays for the giver
Every rainy Sunday…


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