(Inspired by the song ‘Carry You There’ by Hanson)

I’m in a magical world
Stilled by the voices that steal my pain
They take me there and somehow
I marvel all over again
Each time feels so new
As with the music I fall in love
It holds me up and guides me through
This constant, though ever changing song

A reflection of who I am
Melody strikes a chord in my heart
Even when I am broken, they understand
Somewhere, we all fall apart
So I lie back down, I lie back down
Into the sound of this soothing to my heart
To feel forever in one moment
Beautiful how each one is different

I am carried forth to where there’s peace
One shared strength eases the weight in me
My eyes flutter on this pillow of waiting dreams
I forge through the darkness, become lost in the light
And they build my world through these layers of insight
They hold me in the warmth, companions like the changing moon
That follows me home and follows me through
Until my thoughts forget…and my spirit is renewed…


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