Upon this blue skied weary eyed reflection
I take these steps and try to make connections
To what is outside of troubles bred within
And find myself again, in ready reassurance
I swallowed that breath ‘cause it scared me to death
And I watched the fall go down
I watched myself and gave no warning
My fears didn’t make a sound

Lonely I languish knowing alone is an illusion
But illusions comfort me and you don’t exist
In the same context without them
Creating a feeling…not quite what I want to feel
I wait for the universe to show me emotion surreal
I drift under the weight of your world
Mistake the miracle for a tear unfurled
A tear unfurled beneath closed eyes
I reached for your hand and watched despair die

This doesn’t mean I won’t go unseen
Or ever find that love I can make mine
Every time in which I ever been
Has taken me within so I can cry
Cry across the bridges from dream to dream
Until I make a wish on the latest star
And follow love to where I believe you are
There are moments hope takes all my strength
I’m far too weary, feeling your aura I cannot fight
Love breaks me when it takes me
But this drowning…I don’t mind

Take the shadow wrapped around you
And let you shape envelop mine…


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