Let Go, Hold On

Letting go to hold on
So very tired of love meaning I’m wrong
When you see me, I’ll force myself to breathe
And waste those after hours in the shadow of my dreams
Even though I know
Hope left so long ago

And where this rain became my song
I’ll let you go as I walk on
Never want to forget how sweet the moment
Even though the moment lies
I am letting go but I’ll remember
Hold on to the strength that you provide

Silly, weary girl, falling for the disguise
Would you be so haunting
If only I were wise?
Love, love, love, love
Enough, you lonely moon, enough!
Must you always beckon me?
I lost myself to your whitest beams,
The ones that hide the darkness unseen
I lost myself…longing for truth
I lost my words to you

Letting go to hold on
Always a sacrifice to show that I belong
When you are near, my heart will laugh and cry
What you give me is so much more than I can say
A chance to be when my time has flown away
But I have not forgotten
I’ll leave now and hold on to your heart of gold

Hold on…to let go…


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