To place my heart
I am not afraid to change my heart
Take strength where it needs to be
This side of hope, the soul in bravery
‘Cause this takes courage
And though life will discourage
I never felt so free

As I have standing tall,
Facing truth before I knew
What it would make or take from me
I fought with the darkness until the light set me free
There is no heartbreak that time cannot heal
Every moment is somehow meant to be
Living means learning to accept what you feel
No matter the pain, those stars will refrain
Those stars will shine for us again
Be a reflection of all that we seek
And the wind will whisper
Of how we never have to dream alone

And with a sigh and a prayer
You’ll feel the power in that grateful hour
Of an angel watching over you
And rest inside the arms, of He who truly knows you
You will feel His love, a spirit at rest He will give you
Though you don’t always see, you know it will be
In the presence of family, captured best in memory
Indescribable how they make you believe
Or the words of a friend to help you see
You are a beautiful child
Of all the beauty that surrounds us
And your gift is in your smile

I won’t give in to doubt and despair
I deserved to be loved and live without fear
To place my heart
I’m not afraid to change my heart
I know courage rests in me

And I never felt so free…


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