The Rainbow

Truth…for me relief in rediscovery
Pouring out my emotions to release
This child inside of me
She was faced with challenge but chose to be free
Because laughter lived with joy and peace
She found her strength between the rainbows
The colors fading as she goes
She remembers orange, love’s warmth, yellow is her golden memory
And she longs for indigo
Paints her pain in red so they won’t know
If you say it in violet, I will be steady and brave
I reach for the blue where the ocean calls my name
And when I find the green…I will do my best to bring you peace

Sorrow…years of rain against your skin
So many changes, so many echoes
Of the thunder as it chases rearranges symmetry
Of this weary and waiting being
I listen to the drops fall against me
When I catch my tears, it’s then they will release me
Even though I suffer, somehow I fight to breathe
For I know there’s a song above
And that song’s enough to save me
From giving in to fears forsaking of my dreams
This flash of lightening to open my eyes
As I fall back, boldly awaken—to all I must realize
Searched so long for a reason
A purpose within me I had long forgotten…

Love…it was always a part of me
I give my words to this moment…finally I see
They were universe sent to help heal
Though we hold to the sadness it makes us real
Love…requires no explanation
Even in the silences we feel it sustain us
And I have hope even when I hear you cry
Because an angel is watching, his light is nearby
And together we…embrace and release the sadness
And you are one more spirit, one more precious gift…

Beautiful girl…I am so inspired by the strength in your eyes…

Though the rain falls endlessly
I find my strength between the rainbows
And once again, I believe….


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