We were born to
Emerge from all the colors
All these rays of light
Connect to one another
Our ideas infinitely combine
Dream along the clouds
A purple hued sky
The edge of the sunset
Given the gift of time
We’ve forgotten
How to live
Lost in the lies
Why do our hearts
Hold back
Hold the words inside?
Just let thought and feeling collide
We were born to
Dance along the moments
Take them in before they pass away
There is so much left to reach for
Don’t let these wonders fade
And you found it in that hour
Not enough to decide what fate was
But now you soar
Though you’ve left behind all you’ve lived for
Pain is never the same
We live it and we learn
We were born to
And this is life
We are shaped by the years
Lost to them too
The ones that fight alone
We’ll never know what came of you
Until we walk to the light
And feel your embrace again
And maybe if we weren’t so afraid
We’d really know love
Not just fear love
We’d express love
Oh this waiting for ever
And now, it really doesn’t matter
If you know my heart
Hear my voice
‘Cause that’s the beauty of love
It never really hurts you
Only leaves bruises
And the feeling outlasts the pain
So I don’t mind if it shows when I see you again
Because something burns within me
That without the truth I cannot leave
Something tells me we were born to
Be a light for one another
Use our strengths to make others stronger
Before we fall again
And the spin doesn’t stop
The world is a sun always rising
I won’t cry
I won’t cry
I’ll meet your eyes without out stalling
And you may leave
My heart may grieve
But if friendship’s true you’ll stay
What’s meant to be will find a name
What fate’s decided will take us by the hand
And I cannot wait for that day
When I stop hiding from the way
You make me feel
And I won’t take your world
Won’t make a crack or a break in your world
And faith will live in me,
No matter time, no matter change
‘Cause we were born to live and love
And we were born to be…


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