When the lines I wrote washed away
After the bittersweet rain
I let them go and heard the break
Of the images that kept me sane
A backward glance through the looking glass
Only possessed pain suppressed joy
The false reflection—happiness

I was trapped in the lasting
Shivers of those nights endlessly passing
Found a void where inside I curled
Blind to boundless waters where I felt a beautiful daughter
My fears and the tears of all those years took the reins
A white horse waited in the shadows

My eyes were grey but she showed me the colors…

And we rode the heartache, past the sorrowful souls in the forest,
Through the shattered houses row and row,
Among the wanderers and the loners; so much life in their eyes we never know,
We followed the clouds to the spirits resting, forever remembered, always loved,
Finally we chased the sun, shone through the fields wide in glorious laughter
I remembered a song,
Held on to this simple gift, a burst of inspiration

Another soul knows my world,
Shares all my shades of perception
Words reach out and reach beyond
My faith restores with a smile,
I’m free to explore my world…unbridled


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