Shades of Lonely

Sadness with your sweet caress,
Could there be such a perfect time as this?
The sky is blank and I am not weary,
And the whisper of the night, it’s only secondary…
To the darkness in her elegant disclosure
Of troubled thoughts unknown and unnamed,
Each new musing that comes only leaving me the same.

And through all these shades of lonely,
Hope is my shady, inviting trap beneath these shining leaves,
It lingers just beyond me, silver hanging on the breeze,
Entrust your heart to me; where the light fades piece by piece…
I want to be a lighter hearted me,
A whole hearted, sorrow departed, ready to release
All the burdens, explore these yearnings before turning to escape me—
No longer suffocating for silent disbeliefs.

And if this love that holds me, that I ache to have hold me,
Is not only imaginary, but true and transperent and naturally breathes
A calmy carried song in a world left by dawn
To replace and face the dissary of a disposed dream,
Then perhaps patience is not lost on me, perchance,
Perchance time plays on pensively to awake much greater hopes in me,
And happiness will be the light left over from the hopelessness in me…


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