Love Won’t Wait

I start exploring your eyes as though I had the right,
And nothing’s ever clear, when you’re gazing through the starlight,
Somehow I’m still caught here in between,
Tomorrow and yesterday’s dreams,
And the sun won’t shine, spilt in two.
My love won’t wait, this strength breaks through…

I start breathing as though there’s no fright,
And I’m not dying here inside with faded sight,
Endless unconscious I wish upon me,
In delightful, decadent, beautiful scenes,
‘Cause truth won’t stay and love won’t wait,
When with this shame I forsake the blue…

I start to hoping though I’m so naive,
And a path to blindness is all I achieve,
A wave of darkness pulls me underneath
I don’t want freedom to wash over me,
Today is another day I hesitate,
For love will break me, and love won’t wait…

I start denying, ever sighing the only sign of pain,
Will the world watch me fall, pull my soul through again?
Sometimes this empty is the only lonely,
That feels like home to me, a secluded kind of safety,
I keep on wishing, this is all I can do,
And my love won’t wait, until my love is true…


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