Inside My Head

These thoughts become a storm,
The rivers of words steady rushing through,
I don’t know where or how I am,
But a reflection of a song that I once knew.

Imagining the contours of that face,
And behind the smile meaning I create,
A world where I am never out of place,
A starlit sky of hope to end the wait.

I wonder if I’ll ever be all I dream,
I could dance forever inside these memories,
But where is truth and what does love really mean?
Perhaps the weight of such a change is all too much for me.

So, for a crying heart I let the storm rage on,
I forget this moment, taken over by a song,
If I wait for the rain to subside, will I awake,
Inside my head there is no want to escape.

Maybe when the sun rises,
On the other side of the full moon…


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