Across the way, across the line,
There lies a city, where left behind,
Children hold their parents solely in their hearts,
For before they saw the age of five,
Father and mother embraced them for the last time,
Still they are full of laughter and song;
Though these lands are painted with their pain, they welcome the sun.

If we only reach across this great divide,
Perhaps find a way for each other to survive,
Be that stepping stone, across the river wide,
We will find in our hearts all the strengths to make great strides,
Find a song to shine darkness with a glimpse of light;
When everything is lost, we still have hope.

A young mother waits in a hospital bed,
She waits for the end that time just won’t prevent,
Twenty five years and three children to keep,
She aches for a fate that can never be,
In her sorrow she listens to their melodies,
The sweet words reach her soul and she weeps,
From this music, she now has the strength to see…

Across the way, across the line,
Lies the city of Soweto, full of children’s eyes so bright,
May we keep one more from the walls of Avalon,
So we can always here their laughter and their song,

The children sing so pure and strong,

‘I have hope, I have hope…’


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