Left Behind

Another never came to be love,
One I left silently in the rain,
And I’ll tell myself dreams have come to be enough,
Listening to the echo of the ones that came,
So beautiful, like a memory,
But when reaching you I find, my shadow’s left behind.

And out among the city lights I wait to see your eyes,
I guess they were lost somewhere between the lines,
On this road of never caring, burden bearing time,
You were everything I longed to find,
A reflection of the colors of the world I chose as mine,
Oh world, I’m feeling so weary of being left behind.

My heart at a crossroads, the same path I choose,
Falling into feeling so intensely that I lose,
My heart and head in the depths of night,
And cast my eyes away, from the clarity of the morning light,
Though you held me in your arms, you were never to be mine,
It’s the girl who has so much to give who’s always left behind…

Though I cry now, I won’t break in two,
Even though love’s brought me so much pain, it’s something I must do,
To carry my heart through this wind, to carry my heart through this wind,
Life will make me strong again; life always makes me strong again,
This soul will never meet its end because one day it will shine again,
Open up my eyes again…to where I find forever…

Another never came to be love
Silently passes in the rain,
And I can barely hear my heart break,
In the light of this moon that bends and wanes …


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