A Scream for Survival

Lay me here in my misery,
Another face among the sullen sunlight,
I’ve lost plain sight in this field of dreams,
This endless space subtracts my time,
While memory plays games with this suffering mind.

Soul of desperation, I cry for the pain,
All consuming my light within,
I drift off to sleep where a time I couldn’t keep
Is great escape from the moment I exist in…
And I could swear, you wait to hear me weep.

I close my eyes; try to let you be,
A haunting whisper to erase what was,
Somehow, through my tears I finally breathe,
Somehow, I finally find strength to believe.
I don’t need hurt for my heart to live.

I’ll scream for survival for this heart must give…

Help me find sweet serenity,
Emerge standing from this fading light,
I’d rather stray than remain fallen,
Find my way back to the stars on the night,
My spirit has rested, reached out and resumed its flight…


2 responses to “A Scream for Survival

  1. I should have commented eon’s ago. I have been reading your site for a very long while. You are a brilliant poet to me. I wish you the best in your journey of pain love and survival. The collective spirits of goodness are on your side and cheering you on to stay strong.God Bless youa silent friend🙂pk

  2. My apologies for my delayed thank you, I hadn’t noticed your comment until now. It means the world to me when my poetry can reach others. God Bless and many thanks 🙂

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