Love’s Never Known Me

She’s waiting for the moment,
In her tiny breath of light,
Wondering how she’ll know this,
Anticipating flight.

She’s set down her worry,
In the fading of thoughts,
The ones that forsake her,
Tell her so far they will take her.

A second to herself invisible,
The next she’ll realize she’s invincible,
So afraid for the next misstep,
Darkness destroying the last chance she has left…

He takes her by the hand and then,
She knows she must let go again,
Wasn’t this heartache enough for me?
I’ve known love, but love’s never known me…

She lets her mind be free again,
This hurts so much, but no more waiting,
I’ve been chasing love so that love can’t find me,
And I feel it’s time, it’s time love knows me…


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