If I’ve Learned Anything

If I know anything,
It’s that after waiting for the fall,
You forget how you broke after it all,
And find, with a heartbeat quick as lightening,
The littlest moments are the most enlightening.

And if I’ve learned anything,
It’s that time can sometimes fool your mind,
Giving into it had you lost and blind,
To hesitate to forget leaves you longing for it,
And you’re just a heart left empty handed…

A heart who’s left her soul out standing in the rain,
No room remaining for the silence you’ve sustained
Inside this completive and complex afternoon,
Spent musing over yearnings that never once came true,
Wandering into the night, out of the blue.

If I’ve seen anything,
It’s that dreams sometimes come true,
And in your darkest hour they’ll inspire you,
How believing is that one and only thing,
That can give the heart all it’s been missing.

If I’ve felt anything,
It’s that love is so much more than a fantasy,
And greater than a dream turned to reality,
And that maybe if you let it grow within,
It will shine back from the one you least expected.

If I’ve learned anything,
It’s that destiny…is the place where I’ve always been…


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