Awareness of the night as it lies passing,
Awareness of the light, golden and waiting,
With the room to find myself; two eyes unchanging.
I feel unsteady when these miles run so fast,
Like they are running beneath this path to my dreams,
Awareness my only company,
Awareness the only thing I see…

Wondering when this change comes along,
Will I be strong enough to keep holding on?
I let go of your wings now,
To fly with my own as I remember the song
And the sound of being saved,
With the awareness to take what you gave,
The gratitude of knowing I will never be the same…

Awareness of the day as it rises shining,
Awareness of this life, brand new and waiting,
With the room to know myself, two eyes finally opening,
I feel the wonderful rush of my heartbeat so fast,
Like being led to the next chapter of my dreams,
Awareness my deepest clarity,
Awareness of all the love to surround me…


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