Altered State

He wants to come out,
But the darkness keeps him away,
He hides in unseen hours, passing the day,
His dreams are a cloud that’s been drifting away,
Further still now, sharpened edges to the words,
The honest words he wanted but waited to say.

Now that the lines have all been crossed,
There’s no one left who could save his heart,
He chose this home on the dark side of the moon,
So much colder where lies veil too many truths.
Under this ache of a loss never had to lose,
There falls a tear in the clear he can’t see through…

For this is another night he’ll refuse,
An altered state where he’s left the place,
The place where the star faded her name,
Another wish on black tides washed away,
He won’t find himself when he’s blinded by yesterday,
Into this altered state, no longer can he recognize his face…

This altered beauty, part broken soul, part whole,
Caught in the fate of this unknown, otherworld, altered state…


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