She’s brown eyes traced with that smile inside,
A comfort of warm hugs and the easing of fears,
Faithful by our side, a most loyal guide,
A testament to all those years; the laughter the tears,
Black tail with white tip—her spirit drew us near…

With the ease of an always listening ear,
No words to disturb, she spoke through her heart,
For the times when fighting made us weak,
She showed us there we can always start,
There in a dream, of which tomorrow will speak.

Boundless, she’s finally running,
Four gentle paws glide through the sky,
An old man walks a path above the sun,
Takes her walking in its shine, says it’s time for you and I
To live together in my house on clouds so high.

She’s brown eyes traced with that smile inside,
A love from above, a companion once more,
They watch from the window, old man and canine,
With remembrance of the bond they shared before,
And they try to sing so we don’t cry…

As they wait for us in forevermore…




A dream, your eyes reach mine,
A golden hazel stare,
All the emotions I won’t cast aside,
Though the world might forget they were there.
A longing, no longer waiting, a hope for all that’s more,
The tenderness of feeling, the hope you had reached for…
I see it in a memorized, half alive serendipity.

I want to chase down the wonderful I found,
If I could give it name, and you would give it motion,
But I’m aware amid sun’s glare these are only desire’s notions,
And this train takes you away to an in between place.
Together is where we separate, since goodbye could not be infinite…
Not when it comes to—the way my world turned upon entrance of you.

Worlds of different faces bring words beyond creation,
I watch through their eyes, to live and breathe their inspirations,
I know I can’t fall now, unless I fall to fly,
You teach me how to speak to the world,
And turn your passion to compassion so that mine can be unfurled…
A dream, am I where I’ve always been?

A dream, where I’m missing your smile,
Your moving, dancing speak,
All the stirrings I try to forget,
As new adventures I try to seek.
A gratitude, an aching for soothing memories,
A desire to reach further beyond my means,
A realized, hopeful, bright and alive scary serendipity—

A heart too huge to hold me…

Walk Through Life

I walk through life,
With you right by my side,
In another time,
This moon would be my guide.

As I watch you stay,
As I wait on the last word you say,
You always knew we’d be the same,
After you’re gone, love here remains.

I walk through life,
Your memory will reassure me,
When I lose the light,
I find my shadow in subconscious dreams.

I walk through life,
Try to remind myself to keep the dreams alive,
A song breaks the strife,
I find my place among the city lights…

And I take my time

I walk through life,
A slow smile breaking through,
Every piece of my heart that was used,

I walk through life…

When I stop to realize,
How much love is on my side…