Thunderstorms in my heart,
The kind that make you or break you apart,
Loud crash startles me awake,
From the thoughts my unconscious subconsciously made,
Like yesterdays spent waiting in the rain.

Thunderstorms in a world unclear,
To lose my words, or make them beautiful…to hear
The footsteps of the aching and forsaken,
In the midst of the place where they gave and were taken,
Is suspended comprehension strangely calming.

Thunderstorms in elusive bursts,
Lightening strikes, this is the curse,
Too many memories in a sudden flash,
And I talk to the rain—bittersweet, it lasts.
I leave my questions for state of sleep.

Thunderstorms bring me closer to
The edge of darkness and truth,
Closer to my inside view
Of the depths of my love for you,
Though it rests in an ocean ten thousand shades of blue…


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