She Is

She had such deep dark fears she kept to herself,
Still she’d share them with the world when she was desperate for help,
A little less lonely and a lot less self assured,
She counted her losses on all those moments she unfurled

She was a pretty girl with round black eyes,
Above average girl whose pain was a disguise
For this deeper truth that she kept inside herself
Of a lovely soul who’d walk the extra mile,
Take off her shoes and melt into the blue sky
Where the ocean meets the sun and dreamers live

Who was she to say? There was so much to live up to,
But it’s so hard to be a shadow with all that she’s gone through,
Another day comes and she smiles to herself like she
Doesn’t feel this pain washing in with the rain
And the quarters she traded for paper exchange,
Tired of tiny rewards.
She gets up, takes her pedestal with shaky legs and a statement:

I am not for you to decide,
I make up fairy tales, this what I live by,
If I never reach my home until my heart grows old,
I’ll remember all these stops along the way…life holds no delays.

She moved along, another song in her heart,
About to turn, one thought stops the track moving along,
The clouds come in and they beg for one more,
She can’t part this space in her heart anymore…

But she listens when the thunder’s over,
She hears Angel calling her name,
Though separated…in her presence
And it’s hard to believe her own smile through the tears…

And in the next pause…

Comes the voice of her prince unknown,

And she thinks that maybe…

She’s finally been called home…


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