Night Breeze

My world is turning with the colours
Of the night breeze as it carries
Forth the stirrings of my soul so varied
In emotion and in name,
I turn and toss and feel at a loss,
Still I’m fighting these winds
To gain a new perspective on change,
And I wait for my world to unfold
As it’s pulling, shaping, creating my soul

On the night breeze, all I can surmise
Is the softer touch of your lingering eyes,
The ghost of your embrace that feels so real,
The way you would say one word and I healed…
And so I miss us most when a rising moon,
Sighs in the wake of a heart that parted too soon,
And I cannot see another that would be as magical
As to touch me so it was agony to let go
Of an embrace angelical…

My longing scattered like the night breeze,
My longing rushing high and low,
It’s something never captured, but free,
Something you would refrain to know,
And into these winds I let my body go,
It tumbles and it fumbles and it cries out in woe;
Your laughter is my love for the light of tomorrow,
And under the same grand sky, will we ever really say goodbye?


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