When We Meet Again (in Heaven)

There’s this dream inside,
(It’s no longer a dream, but a feeling)
The clouds are thick and the air heavy,
There’s a mist between hope and fear

It’s the moment I’ve been waiting on,
(Forever it seems, like maybe I knew before)
I can’t hear your words, they make me hurt,
And my heart beats too loudly for mine to be heard

And there we met, walking across the sky,
(I hesitated the pain, welcomed old joys)
Our eyes met in beautiful slow motion,
For the loss of a precious gift
We both cried; there you asked for forgiveness

I wished I could have hugged you one last time,
(You stood there, reaching out to replace what you had broken in me)
I wanted to turn away, because I wasn’t safe with you anymore,
But we were in Heaven, we were back home

Neither of us gone, only separate standing,
(A part of you died, a part of me sailed away)
Fallen dreams came to thwart destiny,
Why did beautiful have to end?
End until we meet again…

In Heaven…


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