She Finds Me

I’m a city girl a small town,
I’m finding myself while losing my ground,
Remember her voice and how she sings
To my heart and how I miss listening…

And here I have the stars and her words,
I have the night and its music so sweet,
I have a part still holding on,
It’s a part of my soul and it came from dreams.

Maybe all I need are my words,
I want to sparkle with the life inside of me,
But sometimes all I feel is the hurt,
Of a desperate soul unsure how to breathe…

What she says bursts with inspiration,
This soul so full and such a blessed gift,
Darkness was setting in,
Until I heard the solace in her heart.

I’m a city girl in a small town,
And she finds me whenever I lose my ground,
Keep singing on the way that you sing,
Together we can do anything…

And together—

We will change the world…


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