11:55 P.M.

Feelings have me running,
Five to midnight— welcome the tailspin,
How did I get caught up in this again?
This outline looks so stunning…

When painted around my desires,
When there is nothing left to conspire,
And the lights, they fade to blue,
My heart, she rest in you.

Feelings continue the chase,
Five to midnight—why can’t I escape?
My joy arises as the night unfolds,
At these pretty fairytales better left untold.

Don’t lose track of time,
Five to midnight—I think the pain is still alive,
You see, I’m watching my heart, don’t know if…
Sometimes I just can’t believe it.

Some dreams continue to wait,
Five to midnight—at least now I know they can come alive,
So why the beauties of imagination do I fight?
Write, sigh, stop. Anticipate…


It’s not too late…


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