I was dancing on air,
Before I knew what air was,
And this notion followed me unconsciously,
Led me on in a fresh version of love,
A word now, nothing more,
Overcast in shadows.

I glanced over my shoulder,
All I left behind was not there,
Each memory gave way to a faded tear,
And I approached myself and said,
‘You could do so much better,
if only you knew the how.’

But the way and the width of the world,
Are still so curious to me,
As these familiar conjectures form in my mind;
I think I’ve forgotten who I used to be,
These thoughts are too numerous to count.

I just stand here by the wayside,
Watching the clouds roll by as if they’re weren’t moving,
And this was only the shift and the pull inside of my soul;
At least—
At least in the silence, the words won’t steal my breath.

And your voice—every hour I recall your voice,
Let’s speak a minute of that voice,
The one I finally recalled I heard by choice,
There’s something in that voice
And it calls me forth to love,
This love I’d only been daydreaming of,
From a face to me unknown,
From a name and a time and a place to me not shown…

But here you are. The manifestation of a voice.

A familiar voice now, you’ve wrapped my heart in delight.
But the elements are scattered, they never came together right.
How I have learned! So I hold my tongue and I stifle my tears,
How we laugh and talk and have our fun!

Then you pass me in the night,
Through me like a shadow,
I capture your outline,
Nothing more.

I smile at you and you smile back,
The world is unfolding.

A moment is but a moment,
I know you won’t recall them as I do.

I know we are running out of words.
It’s for the best, sometimes they can wear me out.
I leave you with a grateful heart,
And a bittersweet sentence to keep on believing.

I’ll swallow it up,
Hold to the lie in comfort,
Mix sunshine with the rain.

Carry this indignation with me.

Remember the voice.


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