All I Ask

I’m not asking for
The picture perfect fairytale to come my way,
I won’t write skies of blue when the skies are grey,
But I was meant to soar…

And I’ve watched myself shift,
From teardrops to smiles,
Am I better for my memories?
Lessons learned are like a gift…

I wander through my thoughts,
At times twisted and tangled inside,
And beneath these city stars,
Ponder other ways to shine

…when these days are gone

I’m not asking for
A promise of forever,
I only wish for a chance at love which I can endeavour,
Forever will come once I’ve found my way…

I write my moments in the sunlight,
There is no colour I could forget,
These souls inspire and delight,
Though every sun must set…

I’m not asking for
Time to stand still,
I only dream that I can believe in the impossible,
And that more miracles are in store…

And miles won’t separate hearts…

This is all I ask for,
Underneath the fading city stars…


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