Like Dreamers Do

I am here at a peak,
Waiting to chase down rainbows,
And I can hear a distant note,
The one that was my soul’s own,
And if I could make a dream,
Make it something bright and new,
I’d take that once time chance,
And I’d share my heart with you;
I’d share a part to spare so this high you knew,
Of being at the height of the light you’ve been running to—
I’d share my song with you, like dreamers do.

Drawn into shadows quietly,
Time grows late; I hesitate in all I could be,
And sometimes life is like a melody,
Rising up, rising down and there’s no room to see,
The brevity of what moments mean,
When they can’t go on,
And you fade just the same in this mask that you’ve put on,
Because the world always holds a place for broken hearts,
Though they hide, they still stop and start, stop and start;
But this here heart has run so far, out over and through,
It’s only desire to leap through this fire and dream like dreamers do.

Now gentle evening eases in,
A something so magical here happening,
My thoughts are gone; it’s just the swirl,
Of a girl playing songs of stars; a whirl
Of emotions pouring on and on,
And I see the tears will come along,
How they can be healing,
And the piano keys, they bring something to light;
There is nothing to fear but our quiet frights.
She sets my hope; it could soar to the moon,
Inspires lost desires to fly like dreamers do.

My spirit can land safely once again,
For like dreamers do, our dreams go hand in hand…


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