Ghost in My Heart

On the way to finding myself,
I stop to listen to this soul seeking,
And the maze, it goes both ways,
Daunting darkness, a blur of colours,
And this wave is breaking what I see,

This wave is breaking and I’m taking
All the thoughts I dare not think,
I’m waiting on the brink,
Of who I used to be,
I’m waiting for the fading
Of a never ending scream

And silent speaking nightmares
That want to punish me,
If I reach too far too soon.
Away sweet blackness, there’s no more room.

You can be inviting and enticing,
An easy way for fighting,
The face of the unknown,
But my heart needs to go back home,

Needs to walk with this ghost,
One last time…
For it’s time this ghost has flown…

Ghost in my heart,
Echo of the fallen stars is all you are,
Ghost in my heart,
I let you take my faith away,
But I swear I’ll hold it close again one day.

Heart please open,

Time please fade,

I’m choked the most by this ghost I want to stay,

But from the ghost my strength, she pulls away,

Above the ghost, I make the final say,

This ghost in my heart cannot stay

I want my soul to breathe again,
So much out, so much in…

Here I go, towards a new moon…


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