To Her Soul He Sings

That was the night the stars shone
From her eyes to his and he
Saw her in a way the others missed,
And told her he knew her heart’s strength,
Though they had no words at first.

She was longing in despair for hope to bring her where
Two eyes so very kind did declare
She had the virtue all her own,
And the smile to perfectly match his own;
His so grand she sighed despite herself.

For she took in his heart
Shining so great, pouring joy into hers,
So that she thought it might burst,
And knew she never could forget that feeling
Of her broken spirit so readily healing.

Those angel wings wrapped around her,
With warmth declared her free,
And now he’ll always protect her
From the pains to her heart
When she visits with sweet memory.

And when he sings his ethereal, golden melody,
To her soul he sings…


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