The Quiet Girl

Behind the reflections of the outside,
Where I’m ready with a smile,
In the song of laughter they have missed me,
A few tears here that they will never see,
The quiet girl in love with misery.

They don’t understand me,
I wait in someplace hollow
And I hope in the edge of darkness
For the second rose to bloom,
Carelessly thinking perhaps the last one came too soon,
The quiet girl fights her own heart; aches in the silence.

They might as well forget me,
The one who drew him back,
Rejoiced in soft mauve miracles,
Flying there freely all too soon;
For his words have forgotten me, and his heart has too.
The quiet girl wishes she could part; but there’s too much there inside her heart.

Can’t they see she would never choose?
That love comes regardless of what it makes you lose?

When they’re still here beside me,
Why do I crave his words and touch?
Why do I blankly stare and sit there; listen to his stabs of silence?
Because his pain will always be mine, his soul will always stir my own,
My love for him hurts so much…yet it feels most like home.
This quiet girl she longs to go, but he knows he’ll always have hold on her soul…


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