Don’t close your eyes,
You’ll see what’s inside,
Don’t you dare rest these sighs,
Another thought, a waiting light,
An end you pretend makes heart right.

Don’t you stop now to cry,
When it’s easier to breathe,
And take my words here by your side,
So that your swarming thoughts won’t collide;
Escape the throws of subconscious mind.

Don’t you dare go to sleep,
Too many memories inside you creep,
Take your breaths two at a time,
You must wait not hesitate and the sun will shine;
Don’t be afraid to say goodbye.

Don’t take the moon too seriously,
This silver reflection of who you use to be,
A beckoning that just won’t last
And wants to keep you inside the past,
Don’t remain in refrain, get running fast.

Don’t close your eyes tonight,
You couldn’t dare if you tried…


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