Stare back, hear the sound
Of the night when the winds came rushing down.
Hold your stance and glance around,
Because you are lost inside a midnight town.

Your eyes lurk where the shadows save,
Past the last hollow soul by an empty grave,
And somewhere voices wave
To the silence that gathers what endings gave.

A trance you enter to hide the wrongs,
Forget the pains on wings of black this strong,
Forget the rest in your private song,
They’ll sigh awakening, call you Vagabond.

Where is the fear in which you dwell?
Did they call your tears way down to hell?
Will you lie or make it on your own?
Does he know he owns your soul?

Don’t think he doesn’t know…

And you hesitate for a heartbeat
And you erase the path left by your feet,
But here within, we hear your voice,
In so many ways we never had a choice…

You tried and tried, but you turned around,
Tried your love to please him but you let him down.
Now you’re playing with ghosts dancing around
Your fingertips; a lonely vagabond…

Between a right that you know is wrong…

Broken heart, broken dreams, barely clinging on;

We’ll here unveil, your name for it became



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