Tossing and Turning

Tossing and turning and never the same,
Pain holds my heart as this wave breaks again,
But the ocean is empty and my heart remains still,
Fearful the tides may turn me at their will.

Tossing and turing and wanting to change,
The sun sinks below; soul sets the blame,
I’m here and there, close feeling far,
Fall away to the sounds of a echoing heart…

Tossing and turning and coming again,
Here to stand with all your dreams in my hands,
I cannot keep sailing towards this nowhere land,
I cannot have a pure love without taking my stand.

Tossing and turning and breaking away,
Would you have listened had I asked you to stay?
You can’t catch a dream when it’s sailing away,
You can’t break a heart that wasn’t yours anyway…

Still there’s tossing and turning as long as there’s day;

For where memories came…


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