(This one’s for Hanson, 10 years and I still can’t thank you enough…)

I see sparks in the life
Of your music; magic lines,
Those ones that draw out the soul between your eyes,
Like sunshine, like moonshine delight.

And another breath to rise and fall
Over the glory that each and all
Feel seep right through their souls
And raise them up again to know,

That they are not alone…

They feel what we feel; put this to a song,
Leave the trail of sweet voices that follow us along,
We soar beyond our broken hearts,
Turn tears to words when they break us apart.

You can hear their fingers play along
Through their hearts that make them strong,
Richer than inspiration in memory,
Singing into night’s revelries…

You raises you voices to endless skies above;
I feel the rhythm of this never ending love,

For these words could never praise you enough…


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