Make My Own Heart

Stop, she breathed,
And still my screaming heart
For it’s enough that ours should be apart
And just wait and relate; see
How we feel the same;
You unfold onto me,
And still we’re overlapping mystery,
A nowhere road reaching for the highest destiny…

And shadow, shadow, shatter,
Shatter all lost hopes of mending the matter.

For change proves for the best,
We must lay the fears to rest,
Find fresh consistent constancy.

Through closed eyes for you
Is a pain drawn too long in me
But you’re lost to your own and so
I have to take what I know,
Take the final step to show,

My heart will no longer be bruised,
This deep purple on the inside
I will break on my own, use
Every shade from every sun
Where the light has been but the moon has won.

I will make my own heart
As full as broken,
As strong as silent,
The weight and the shifter of me…


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