The Edge of Everything

A million voices call me out,
At the edge of everything,
Those soft whispers rise to shouts,
Then fall back and in between,
Where I wait on the edge of everything.

I call out my brief hesitations,
Still I’ll stay til the darkness has passed,
Catch my thoughts over and over again,
Until they reach the edge of everything at last
And in new revelations my soul can bask.

When the breath I intake tells me I have to wake,
I keep inside the emotions that swirl in my soul
Carelessly tossing me, watching me break
As I turn from the edge of everything
And the wind on faith is leaning…

Feel like I’m falling backwards
Melody translucent but I can’t recognize,
The notes as moments clearly heard.
So I give my soul to a toll worth taking,
And words worth the making,

Here on the edge of everything…


Make My Own Heart

Stop, she breathed,
And still my screaming heart
For it’s enough that ours should be apart
And just wait and relate; see
How we feel the same;
You unfold onto me,
And still we’re overlapping mystery,
A nowhere road reaching for the highest destiny…

And shadow, shadow, shatter,
Shatter all lost hopes of mending the matter.

For change proves for the best,
We must lay the fears to rest,
Find fresh consistent constancy.

Through closed eyes for you
Is a pain drawn too long in me
But you’re lost to your own and so
I have to take what I know,
Take the final step to show,

My heart will no longer be bruised,
This deep purple on the inside
I will break on my own, use
Every shade from every sun
Where the light has been but the moon has won.

I will make my own heart
As full as broken,
As strong as silent,
The weight and the shifter of me…

The Light Inside of You

I see a light inside of you,
You’ve fallen down, can you see it too?
Another moves asunder and you stare
Stare it down until mid-air,
This shooting star burst into a million
Memories turning mystic dreams if you’re willing
To take them by the hand…

I see a light inside of you,
This light you couldn’t find,
This light that broke to bring you to
The place you left behind,
To a promise you thought would prove unkind…

But tonight, so much is waiting…

Waiting for the light inside of you…

The Hope That Bends

Among the ways we go,
Inside the words we know,
Lies room for simple grace
And the unfolding of this complex face.

A breath withheld inside of me
Now breaks the light so silently;
Silently, silently…
A world waiting on me so former tendencies
Must break the air before they return to me,

And I’m reaching to that place,
That place where my fingers trace
And I am a soul in waiting,
Both still of heart and pacing.

Reaching for a space to find a chase
Not chasing after me; a taste
Of the strength of a thousand seas;
Those thousand words that will set me free…

Hopes cannot pretend,
And though my hope bends, it will never end…