The Yearning

Cover me in a language so wonderful,
Embrace me with words that are bountiful,
When I taste my tired tears I wonder
About the state of relation on morning clear
And how I stay to remain; hidden here,
When I just need a time again
To put another breath in rhyme so that another heart will mend.

And I lean back into my doubt again
And visit it like a familiar friend,
Will my lines break before they bend?
I strain my ear to a message heaven sent…

I’m only trying…
But I’ve lost my path and I can’t go back…
Unsure of where I am.

Still I must…for someone’s listening…
…they told me in a dream where silver sentences were whispering
How everything had come from love
And all the rest had come from change.

But when I see your face do you know the place
It wakes and takes in my weary heart?
And from the dark spots I try to make it stop…this race
Of my heart as the past threatens to tear it apart.

Safe for now far away in that star lit Milky Way,
I sleep away and count the stars by name,
Yearning to be grateful to the gift of night,
Yearning my heart to be glad despite fright.

Follow the echo of the unknown
And make this echo my own…


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