Recent Randoms

Goodbye Rachie

They heard her flying home this morning,
Said her wings were as gentle as her smile,
And shone in soft and golden light unfolding,
Peacefully she drifts, content at that last mile,
Her soul was unparallel.

I felt the wind dance by today,
Cold but alive with comforting reconcile,
A dream once born this day,
Now this day a soul is lost.
One so young has gone along,
I sigh and wonder why,
But how she lived I will carry on,
Truly live every moment; not let them slip on by;
She would have wanted this…

Goodbye Rachie,
Goodbye dear Rachie,
How you will be missed…

Just Enough

Just enough to make me smile,
Just enough to make me cry,
Transcendence; a shortened while,
Sigh released to sky.

Just another moment to hold,
Still; they’ve been away too long,
Lately friendship’s told,
All love will not be lost.

Just enough to make me smile,
Just enough to make me cry,
Transcendence; a shortened while,
Sigh released to sky.

Just another conversation,
But my heart is all aglow,
Quickly fading hesitation,
Truth is when you know…

The light is on its way…

Just enough to make me smile,
Just enough to make me cry,
Transcendence; a shortened while,
Sigh released to sky.

Sigh released to sky…

This sigh is rising high…
My Darling Sunrise

Look out onto the morning,
My darling sunrise,
They don’t think they ever get enough of you,
And yet to them you burn too bright,
On the first shine and before decline;
But would they share a subtle piece of mind,
With the skies fading hues?
They burn from you,
But all you were trying to do was outshine the blue,
Before it got too blue;
What more could they expect from you?
Look out onto the morning,
My darling sunrise,
On a world who has yet to open their eyes…

How you’re parted waiting
You arise in this concise
Ever changing dream
And it falters your frame
Of mind and outside to inside
You are there and besides
A piece of the wind;
To howl and retreat again.

All the places I have gone…
Take the chance another stance,
This one in silence to make.
With the light behind you,
You’re running against the tide,
Only to…return.

You live and you give as the fire still burns…
Sharp aware to its descent,
Whether or not it makes itself aware;
This thin line still searching
Beyond what you forgot to name
For yourself and not the world;

Feeling as if you don’t emit the same light you want to take,
So then why would you need it anyway
When it never wants to show you the way?
Because to something you return…
All your life you yearn and yearn.

Someday your smile will go on for miles,
Before it has to fade,
So please don’t give your heart away
To something that will never change,
Despite the burn despite the pain,
Despite the burn despite the pain,

Despite the burn,
Breathe in; let the soft warm light return…

The October Skies

The October skies,
Are orange at midnight,
I don’t know why,
But the heart is a sight,
In them quite the sight,
The October skies,
Rolling on into the night,
Waiting on the birth of new sighs;
Could they remember past light?

I think…

Come down.

I think it’s a little bluer where you are;
No, it’s purple and white stars,
The October skies,
Are purple at midnight with hazy eyes…

We’re hazy.




But just let us be,
Count the season leaves,
And not no not cry;

Emblazon ourselves in one another’s eyes,
Emblazon ourselves in pink October skies;

At midnight…

This Dream, Turned Hope, Turned Everything

I let myself fall into the water,
So steady now I hope,
The lights below are kind,
And the seashells shine and shine.

Come forward now into,
The waning below,
Don’t be so cautious
Of what you’d rather not know.

Your heart still moves,
Though it turns lacklustre,
Lacklustre from dreams mustered;
But what is a dream?

I came to find a dream is everything;
A word I love to muse in,
And a world to be immersed in,
And for even the silent ones
That wade their way across the wall,
Is the beauty that I allowed myself to fall…

And know that someday, eyes toward the sun,
Soul turning towards the sea,
I will finally know,
How a smile can set me free…

Three Musicians

When all the world is wasted wrongs,
I still have your songs,
That somehow I’ll keep holding on,
That once again I can be strong;

If only for one more day…
Until I finally break away;
And my soul right in the words you play
Takes me and makes me somebody as you say
The thoughts I’m feeling,
Tonight I’m finally free and finally healing;

And possessing all the joys of love again
Painted there within the hearts of three musicians…

When I Was a Child

When I was a child,
Words would always make me smile,
I decided with each story read,
They would become my very best friend.

When I was a child,
Words were my reconcile,
A place to call home,
When in the world alone…

When I was a child,
I was one of the lucky,
Who already knew my destiny…

When I was a child,
I was brought to life through a word and a smile…

Where I’ve Been

(Written for the L.O.V.E. program)

From where I stand
I recall the waiting nights
And the hopeful plans
That never saw the light.

I remember straining to hear
Words that would heal the heart
Time held so dear
Only to tear that heart apart.

But for every tear I wrote a verse
And for every scream I broke the curse
With a pen and a promise
To never compromise…

Myself for someone else
Or my dreams for a temporary high
I’ll embrace this feeling within myself
I’ll take my art and make it fly…

When love and loss went hand in hand
Reeling from feeling you were never enough
You were brought back in again
And the moment changed with just one hug.

I had visions that were never shown,
So I told them through a photograph,
If what I believe was once unknown,
This picture shows the path

Of who I am and where I’ve been…

And the other voices who understand
And are raised with mine
United for the future; healing from the past,
One star, one hope, one L.O.V.E; we shine…

From where I’ve been
I step back and I realize
It was L.O.V.E. that opened up my eyes…


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